The My Earth Education learning journey is divided into 5 main sections, starting with conversations to build on the students existing knowledge, leading to a narrative, the main study, exploring solutions and finally the personal response project.


We start with a conversation about the area of study across local, regional and global perspectives. It is at this stage in their learning journey that the student can share their existing knowledge and demonstrate their level of English. The teacher uses this stage to level the students pace, learning style and interests. Knowledge can then be built upon existing knowledge.


The topic is introduced through a story. This allows students to understand cultural and geographical perspectives and learn the topic based vocabulary in use. My Earth Education believes that storytelling is an essential part in any persons learning journey. Read our blog about the importance of storytelling here.


The topic is studied through a variety of informational context’s; including articles, infographics, blogs, maps and videos. Learning is embedded through quizzes and tasks. The study makes up the bulk of the students learning journey and in an opportunity to really delve into those English language skills.


Students learn about a My Earth Education Hero who works in the area studied and explore different organisations who provide solutions to the problem they have studied.

Personal Response Project

To evaluate the learning, students are encouraged to respond to an element of what they felt the most strongly about during the course in a creative way. Students can choose to design a product or solution, create a piece of artwork or write a short story or article.