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We teach young adults English whilst learning about our earth.

Tarryn Biswas

Expert language learning coach.

We use the National Geographic Learning Framework. We apply articles and teaching methodologies from Nat Geo to promote an education that is connected to the wonders of our world

We base all our lessons on a set of goals created by the United Nations that aim to create a more sustainable and brighter future for all.

We teach British English according to The University of Cambridge. We use the Cambridge University Press publications as our English grammar reference and grammar exercise source for our students

We Raise Mindful Global Citizens

Global Citizens

We are on a mission to provide the skills and knowledge for students to become mindful global citizens who can resolve planetary challenges, respect cultural diversity and contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

Online English Learning

Our student-centred approach allows students to gain the essential skills they need to be fluent communicators in the English language. Students explore a range of different writing styles, learn topic-centred vocabulary, exercise their critical thinking skills, participate in quizzes and practical tasks.

Blended Eco Education

Education for sustainable development teaches students the well-being of environment, economy, culture and society. Our method of teaching bases itself upon local needs, perspectives and conditions whilst looking at the global impact.

Tarryn Biswas

Language Learning Coach

Learn English. Learn about our Earth.

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Why My Earth Education?

  • Learn English with a University of Cambridge qualified teacher.

  • Learn about our Earth from a highly experienced global teacher.

  • Learn with other students from around the world.

  • Learn from your home at affordable prices.

“I love and appreciate your program and teaching very much. It’s a very good opportunity for the children.
For me it’s important that my kids become fluent in english and learn environmental education. It’s such a good idea to bring these two together in your classes.”

Jaymian’s Mum


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Private Lessons

Our 1:1 lessons are perfect for those who want flexibility and individual language and learning coaching. Each private lesson is specifically designed around the student’s learning requirements and interests. Our private lessons are best suited for students aged 10 – 15 with an intermediate level of English.

Online Eco English Lessons

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What problem are you trying to solve?

What is the My Earth Education Learning Journey?2022-01-26T13:16:14+00:00

The My Earth Education learning journey is divided into 5 main sections, starting with conversations to build on the students existing knowledge, leading to a narrative, the main study, exploring solutions and finally the personal response project.


We start with a conversation about the area of study across local, regional and global perspectives. It is at this stage in their learning journey that the student can share their existing knowledge and demonstrate their level of English. The teacher uses this stage to level the students pace, learning style and interests. Knowledge can then be built upon existing knowledge.


The topic is introduced through a story. This allows students to understand cultural and geographical perspectives and learn the topic based vocabulary in use. My Earth Education believes that storytelling is an essential part in any persons learning journey. Read our blog about the importance of storytelling here.


The topic is studied through a variety of informational context’s; including articles, infographics, blogs, maps and videos. Learning is embedded through quizzes and tasks. The study makes up the bulk of the students learning journey and in an opportunity to really delve into those English language skills.


Students learn about a My Earth Education Hero who works in the area studied and explore different organisations who provide solutions to the problem they have studied.

Personal Response Project

To evaluate the learning, students are encouraged to respond to an element of what they felt the most strongly about during the course in a creative way. Students can choose to design a product or solution, create a piece of artwork or write a short story or article. 

What level of English do you teach?2022-01-26T13:30:43+00:00

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

My Earth Education uses the popular CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) to guide our students to the best courses for them. However, please note that this reference is purely a guideline. My Earth Education does not do formal testing and evaluates our students according to their potential. The CEFR English levels are widely accepted as the global standard for grading an individual’s language proficiency.

We teach students aged between 10 – 16 at levels B1 to C2.

The level in which a student learns English is different for all students. This is why we offer two main levels and differentiate within these levels.


The teacher adapts the courseware according to the students learning style, pace and interests.

Our small group sizes allow for the content and level to be targeted at the individual. Question techniques are used to extract prior knowledge and build on the students existing level of English.

We encourage students to ask each other questions and to support each others individual learning journeys.


Our intermediate courses are aimed at students with a B1 level of English, as the courses progress the student moves from B1 to B2.

Students begin by learning simple topic based vocabulary and practise basic conversation, this is built up individually throughout the course. By the end of each course the student knows more advanced vocabulary and can have conversations about solutions to global problems, express their opinions on global topics and exercise critical thinking.

Example Vocabulary:

  • Habitat
  • Pollution
  • Species

Example Text:

‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean.’ – Intermediate Oceans Course, B1


Our advanced courses are aimed at students at C1 and C2. These lessons involve more debate, conversation and independent thinking. Students learn more advanced topic based vocabulary and go in depth into mature topics on sustainability, ecology and mitigation.

Example Vocabulary:

  • Habitat Fragmentation
  • Mitigation
  • Carbon Sequestering

Example Text:

‘By empowering communities, taking legal action and creating local, national and global campaigns, Farwiza and her team are helping to show the way for true sustainable development for their people.’ – Advanced Forests Course, C1

How do I set up Zoom?2022-01-26T13:49:27+00:00

We teach all of our courses using Zoom.

Zoom allows for students to connect to the classes without needing a large bandwidth.

Zoom is an excellent video conferencing tool. Achieving great quality video calls, however, requires solid internet connections. Download speed is important, but often overlooked is upload speed. It’s important for people to check their upload speed when trying to achieve quality video calls with Zoom.

Zoom is the best software for us to use because it automatically adjusts to slow internet connections. When you have a slower connection, Zoom reduces the quality of the video that is being downloaded. This is why you often see videos from Zoom get grainy. As the bandwidth becomes available for Zoom, it automatically downloads better quality video streams.

You can attend online meetings in the following ways: through email, instant messaging, browser, desktop or mobile app, landline or mobile phone. We will send all of our class invites by email. You can accept or decline the event. You may request that we send you a Whatsapp invite.

If you want to use Zoom on your computer or mobile device, you can download it from the Download Center. If you’re using a link to join, you’ll be prompted to install Zoom. You can also join a test meeting to get used to how Zoom works.

To read more about how to use Zoom you can visit the Zoom Support site.

How do I know that My Earth Education is suitable for my child?2022-01-26T13:56:35+00:00

We encourage you to contact us with any questions that you have about the suitability.

We offer free personal consultations for every student.

Email to arrange a one to one consultation. During this consultation Tarryn will be able to assess the level of the student and direct them to the most suitable course.

We offer private classes with limited availability for any student that prefers a fully personalised learning experience. To see our private classes click here.

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