We teach all of our courses using Zoom.

Zoom allows for students to connect to the classes without needing a large bandwidth.

Zoom is an excellent video conferencing tool. Achieving great quality video calls, however, requires solid internet connections. Download speed is important, but often overlooked is upload speed. It’s important for people to check their upload speed when trying to achieve quality video calls with Zoom.

Zoom is the best software for us to use because it automatically adjusts to slow internet connections. When you have a slower connection, Zoom reduces the quality of the video that is being downloaded. This is why you often see videos from Zoom get grainy. As the bandwidth becomes available for Zoom, it automatically downloads better quality video streams.

You can attend online meetings in the following ways: through email, instant messaging, browser, desktop or mobile app, landline or mobile phone. We will send all of our class invites by email. You can accept or decline the event. You may request that we send you a Whatsapp invite.

If you want to use Zoom on your computer or mobile device, you can download it from the Download Center. If you’re using a link to join, you’ll be prompted to install Zoom. You can also join a test meeting┬áto get used to how Zoom works.

To read more about how to use Zoom you can visit the Zoom Support site.