Group Classes

Our members can choose from a range of group classes weekly.

Our skill classes are short courses or individual lessons that focus on specific skills including creativity, personal development, reading, comprehension and English. Each skill class features specific skills taken from our full courses. Students will practise skills like creative writing, art, critical thinking, expressing opinions and global citizenship. These skill classes are perfect for any student who wishes to try out our lessons, develop their own learning schedule or practise one particular skill.

  • Skills Classes


These classes cover creative skills like art, story writing, pattern and drama. Students learn about culture and nature through creative practise.

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Creative group classes
global citizenship classes
  • Skills Classes

Personal Development

These classes include skills needed for personal development. Students learn subjects like global citizenship, critical thinking, empathy, questioning and communication.

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  • Skills Classes

Basic English

Going back to the English basics can often be overlooked. In these classes we look at some important English language learning topics like verbs, tenses, sentence structures, scenarios and common phrases.

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English group classes
reading group classes
  • Skills Classes


Students read comic books, stories and articles that are inline with the United Nations Global Goals. Comprehension skills are practised through quizzes, activities and discussions.

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Tarryn Biswas

Language Learning Coach

Learn English. Learn about our Earth.

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My Earth Education Students

“We are so amazed by the way you teach our kids. So tidy, structured and detailed. We are so blessed”

Reinhart and Edwards Dad


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